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Welcome to my profile, where you can find out more about me, what I do, and what I’m passionate about.
Designing beautiful spaces is my specialty, whether outdoor or indoor, whether I’m sketching manually or using CGI software, I have a passion for geometry, colors, and visual experimentation.


I hold a Master of Science degree with distinction in Design and Digital Media, Department of Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Jordan, and an Interior Design Diploma from the International Academy of design and Technology in Montreal.

My Art

I’ve always been passionate about drawing, colors, art, and design. My long term experience with powerful computer graphic tools combined with my love for sketching have intertwined and resulted in multi-media and digital art creations. I enjoy combining manual and digital techniques to produce artistic expressions.

Hana   Elayan


I currently co-own and co-run METAPHORM architecture & interior design which offers architecture and interior design services.
Also, I am currently the managing partner at Dimension7 – BIM Design House, which is an Engineering Services Company that is specialized in Building Information Management (BIM) operating in Amman – Jordan, and providing design development, engineering, digital coordination and management solutions locally and for the gulf and middle-east.
My long-term profession as a designer began as I worked as an architect for a high-end architectural firm. Early on in my career, I specialized in 2D and 3D generation for architecture and interior design.

Due to the demanding market, I also experimented with web development and graphic illustration, creating several websites, producing corporate logos and corporate business cards, brochures, and corporate materials. I worked in several prestigious engineering firms.
I also worked as a lecturer at the German Jordanian University and American University of Madaba teaching various design subjects and software.


My life’s journey took me to different places, from Edinburgh – Scotland, to Montreal -Canada, to UAE, to the USA, and back to Jordan, where I am currently located – in Amman. I had worked in Montreal, Canada for six years, within several domains. I have also worked on several international projects in different places; Jordan, the Gulf, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Canada.

My Arts Work

Studio #708 Project

These trio were named after the filming studio that they were inspired from. They were part of the interior design project that I had worked on in 2014 for a filming studio. They are named after the office number for which they were made.


The concept behind these trio is obviously film-making. The elements are film industry-related items such as cameras, lights, and film rolls. The paintings are in three colors, red yellow, and blue which are non-other than the primary colors.


This Multi-Media project combines hand sketching, scanning, and digital editing using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to be printed on canvas and finally drip-painted on with acrylic paint.


These three paintings can be rescaled in size but their original size is 1.5 m wide by 0.5 m high.

The Ballerina Trilogy Project

These trio were a special request by a dear friend of mine. She asked me to sketch her three ballerinas to hang on a wall in her house. I used to be a ballerina as a young girl so this project is dear to my heart.


The concept behind these trio is the beauty and femininity of the ballerina.


These three paintings can be printed in A3 or A4 size.


These three paintings can be rescaled in size but their original size is 1.5 m wide by 0.5 m high.

Mirror on the Wall Project

This cartoonish mirror was inspired by the famous phrase “Mirror mirror on the wall..”


This project combines hand sketching, scanning, and digital editing using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. CNC cutting for the wooden frame, and a mirror is to be installed. It can also be used as picture or painting frame as well.



The concept is to have a hand-drawn sketch on flat white wood, appearing to be three-dimensional when it is clearly flat. It is meant to be a playful design suitable for post-modern or pop-art taste or can be suitable for a girl’s room.

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