What is the Difference Between Comics and Manga Drawing?

Comics are a form of art that started in the late 19th century in the form of comic strips in newspapers. When we think of vintage comic books, what comes to mind are 1930s DC and Marvel heroes, which represent the mass production of comics.

Superheroes with dark backstories and brightly colored comics were extremely popular in the United States. However, a Japanese style of comics called manga started gaining popularity in Japan and all over the world.


    • Comics and manga have a great number of genres and styles and can be literally about anything.
    • Both styles focus on visual storytelling and are numerously adapted into TV shows (cartoons and anime) or movies (live-action or animated).


    • While comics use bright colors in their design, manga is almost exclusively white and black, instead, the anime version is colored.
    • While both are directed towards people of all ages, manga sometimes handles more mature subjects while using kids as the main characters.
    • Comics and manga have different body and