Varnishing Oil Paintings

You will need to varnish your oil paintings after you are done in order to protect them from the environment.

This is simply because dust particles, debris, wind, and other elements can cause damage to an unvarnished painting.

A final coat of varnish will act as a separating or protective layer between the paint and the environment around it.

However, make sure that the varnish you use is removable, to allow your painting to be restored at a later time if needed, as oil colors tend to fade and turn yellow over time.

The process

    • Step one: Wait for the painting to dry completely. (This can take months for paintings with thick layers of paint)
    • Step two: Choose between a gloss or matte varnish, as per your personal preference.
    • Step three: Spread the varnish evenly all over by using a large brush, then allow it to dry and seal your painting.