What are alkyd oil paints and water-miscible oil paints?

As opposed to traditional oil paints, alkyd oil paints use a synthetic resin binder instead of linseed oil. This makes it dry faster while maintaining the same properties as normal oil paints.

As for water-miscible oil paints, they are made of linseed and safflower oil, which has been chemically modified to dissolve in water instead of solvent.

Do I need to use a solvent-based medium when using oil colors?

Most of the time, you can paint with oil colors right out of the tube. If you are concerned about the health problems of using solvents, you can use linseed oil instead to thin the paint or clean your brushes.

Note that the more oil you use, the more chances of your colors turning yellow or darkening with time.

Is oil paint safe to use?

Oil paint and the other used mediums or solvents are potentially harmful and toxic. So, please handle them with care, and of course, keep them out of children’s reach.

Solvents are also flammable, therefore, do not use them near open flames. It is better that you do not eat, drink, or smoke when using oil paints in order to avoid any chemicals getting into your system. If you are sensitive to the chemicals, you might want to consider using gloves, or you can use protecting hand creams while making sure to wash your hands well after. And most obviously, these paints and chemicals emit harmful fumes, which can give you headaches, nausea, and dizziness, so you need excellent ventilation at all times.