Which is better manga or comics?

You cannot really say that one art is better than the other. Eventually, each one has a different end result and purpose, and you should consider which one works better with your story.

Do manga or comics artists draw everything by hand?

Most artists still draw their comics or manga by hand, while many of them will scan the finished drawing and add color or screen tone to it by using photo editing software.

Can you make money by drawing manga?

Yes, you can make money by publishing your comic or manga with a publishing company or as a self-published artist. Or you can sell your copyrights to a production company that will turn your manga or comic into an anime or cartoon.

Do comic books and manga artists work alone?

It is very rare to find a person that can do all that work alone. Manga and comics are usually made with a group effort of artists and writers that share the same passion for one project.