What is Dal?

Dal is an online community that brings together people from different backgrounds, skill levels, and talents, who have one thing in common: the passion to create something beautiful.

Through this community, Dal focuses on three main “creator” categories:

      • Less fortunate individuals: We aim to support this segment of society by assisting them in transforming their hobbies into thriving businesses. To do so, we offer free educational content on varied topics such as acrylic painting, epoxy resin, and woodwork, to name a few, which are designed to help them enhance and diversify their projects, while maintaining their unique style. Additionally, we also supply them with the resources they need to complete their projects, and we work on promoting their creations to local and international audiences to increase their exposure and enable them to generate more revenues.
      • Small-scale professionals: For this category – which includes skilled, but lesser-known artists – we channel our efforts towards marketing their products and creations to a broader audience both locally and globally, while at the same time benefiting from their expertise through collaborating with them to produce our educational content.
      • Seasoned creators: Despite being well-known, seasoned creators may be less accessible to the public, which is why we focus on opening a channel of communications between them and other people through our profiles section. Moreover, we provide such creators with the opportunity to give back to the community either by donating an agreed-upon percentage of their revenues through our website or by mentoring aspiring creators towards their paths to success.

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